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[Android, iOS] Parrot ANAFI support

new parrot anafi, will be supported in pix4dcapture?

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I’d like to jump on that question. From a technical perspective integration should be possible right away so it couldn’t take as long like it does with the Mavic Air for example. But could we get an official Pix4D opinion on this? Is there anything planned on pair with the Anafi release this July? Parrot Anafi looks very promising in terms of mapping…

Hi Federico and Liron. We are planning to support it as soon as possible. For what kind of mapping applications would you like to use Anafi?

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Hey Julia, thanks for the quick response!

I urgently need a small complementary drone to support my research on effects different heathland management options. The idea is to generate DSMs to calculate plant heights as well as RGB-generated 3D Models to support thermal mapping (done with another setup). So nothing that isn’t there already with Pix4Dcapture. If DJIs Mavic Air is supported way in advance of Anafi (?) it would also be an option, but that 21 MP Sensor is just very intriguing for mapping with such a compact drone. 

@Liron, thank you for additional information. 

It’s our high priority to integrate the new drones once they are released but I, unfortunately, cannot provide an exact date of the release. As Julia mentioned, we are already considering the implementation of Parrot Anafi. 

I would recommend you to follow the technical release notes and the list of supported drones in order to get the latest updates:


Thank you for the replies.  The Anafi solves several problems I have, but I have been backpedaling on a purchase until I heard that Pix4D had in mind to support it.  I am not in any hurry, but this frees me up to purchase one.

This is great news that support for the Anafi is high priority. My main interests in using the Anafi are for it’s compact size, 21mp sensor and upward facing gimbal. Other than the Matrice series, it would be the only other drone to have upward capability in the Pix4D supported drones list. This could be huge for developing more robust and detailed models under overhanging structures and under bridges. In turn, this model could be the bases for generating and organizing inspection notes and other documentation within the Pix4D BIM cloud platform. I see so many advantages to including this unit as part of the fleet.

Is there any news of the release that includes Anafi?

Oh please PIX4D Team, get the anafi to work. The only reason I have not ordered one already is because you have not released anything on supporting the anafi yet.

As soon as the anafi is supported I will put in my order. This little drone will be a game changer in mapping.

Hi all,

Both Android and iOS team are currently working to support Parrot ANAFI as soon as possible but we can not say when the releases will happen.

Anyway as soon as it is done, we will communicate on this thread about it.


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Hi all!

I’m flying the Parrot Anafi since a week - daily training. I love the bird! Delivers a wonderful job. I also recently contacted the Pix4D staff with the same question: the (for me) urgent compatibility in the Pix4D software.

I am a historian and I’m working on a project: an archeological site. I have to go over there early August and I’m in NEED of a super program like Pix4D to do the job. We are using it to to aerial scanning (over designated areas) and 3D-mapping of objects!


Would be great to implement the Anafi in Pix4D software! I will be very grateful!

Looking forward - Martin

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Hi Gael, 

Are you able to provide us with an update on the Parrot Anafi release. We’re all patiently awaiting the update on Pix4d Capture.

Kind Regards, 

My understanding is that pix4d has to wait until Parrot updates their SDK to support Anafi. Sounds like they are close.

Hi all,

Brian is right, from our side the developer’s team almost finished the development for ANAFI support. Some feedback and exchange with Parrot are still necessary to release new versions of Pix4Dcapture.
I still can not provide any dates about it but it will be as soon as we can.



Any news from the implementation of the Parrot ANAFI into Pix4D ?

I developed a crude method (by Trial & Error) for photogrammetry by copying a Pix4D flight plan for Parrot Bebop 2 and making up this flight plan into Parrot Free Flight 6. Flew this flight plan 6 times (ANAFI) with different cam settings (JPEG Rect - JPEG - DNG - 1080p - 2.7K - 4K). Entered the results into Pix4D program and did the same into Agisoft Photoscan. Got good results with both methods.

I’m planning to do a video about my experiment.

Anyway, it will be great to implement the ANAFI into Pix4D; it will make my work much easier.

Kind regards

another weird thing…! As I am looking everywhere for a program that makes photogrammetry easier with the Parrot ANAFI, I turned to the company UGCS (Ground Station) with the same question about implementation of the ANAFI. I received following answer:

"Thank you for reaching out to us.

UgCS does not support PARROT ANAFI because it cannot fly by waypoints for now.

In case if it will be changed in the future we can add this drone in our road map.

If there are any new questions, do not hesitate to contact me."

Which left me puzzled and with questions. The ANAFI flies waypoints like a pro! I made a flightplan with EIGHT waypoints which I executed SIX times with different settings. The little ANAFI executed six times this flightplan in an exact and precise (incl. ALTITUDE) manner! So, why they (UgCS) came up with such an answer stays a riddle to me!

Fly safe! Martin

Dear all, 

Our Developers are working in order to support Anafi. We will post here when we have the official release:-)

Hello Christina & all Pix4D Developers!

MANY THANKS! I am really looking forward to it! I am checking every single day in the hope to see the update(s)…

Thanks again, enjoy the day!

There was an announcement for a “Parrot Anafi Work” version with a one year subscription for your site. So is the release very close or are your hands bounded till Parrot official releases this buying option? Tommorrow I am again on an official archaeological excavation and we planed to use the anafi to make a high-res-orthomosaic of the site, so I hoped there was an Anafi support already, but sadly it doesn’t look so :frowning: