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Unable to Retrieve Flight Log of Crashed Parrot ANAFI

While flying a mission somewhere in Africa, my ANAFI suddenly started falling from the sky. The drone sustained some severe injuries when I retrieve it from a neighbor’s roof. It was still on and beeping when I got it.
The mission, on the other hand, was still active on Pix4Dcapture. There was no option of Ending the mission so I hit the Pause button (see screenshot below). Since then, I went back to FreeFlight 6 but there was no log of this flight. Parrot now wants to look into the matter but there’s no flight data to assist them in their investigation. Is there any way I can End the mission from the Pix4Dcapture projects, and also retrieve the flight log?

HI @basainey,

First of all, I am sorry for the bad experience you had. The drone is actually responsible for not destroying itself and going out of control. Pix4Dcapture is a third-party application meaning that it will send commands to the drone to head to the grid defined and acquire images but it can not override the fail-safe behavior of the drone.

See first this article:
how to Extract the Log files on both iOS and Android

I will be glad to help you find your drone. To get the latest GPS coordinates recorded, you can go through this procedure and send us the relevant file:

  • With a file manager, go in the Pix4D folder and open the project folder you were flying while the issue occurs. (ex: Project 3).
  • Open the mission folder (ex: Mission 1).
  • In this folder, you should find a file called Mission 1.gpx or flightLogs.csv.

Analyzing this file, we will be able to get the last GPS coordinates recorded by our application. As a side note, if the connection between the drone and remote controller was lost and the drone continued to fly, we will only be able to see the last coordinate when the connection was still established.
Keep in mind that the last recorded position might not be the last position of the drone if the connection was interrupted at some point.

Best regards

Hi @Marco
If you might have missed it, I did retrieve the drone as stated in the first paragraph of my comment. So I don’t need instructions finding it. What I needed was the flight data log of the mission, which I couldn’t obtain directly from the FreeFlight 6 app which logs all flights for the ANAFI.

I’ve emailed the project to myself and got two files. One a Pix4D file (named Project 00008.p4d) that was unable to open in Pix4Dmapper because of, it said, version incompatibility, and the second one called mission.pix4dcapture-mission. I believe the latter in not similar to .json file.

Refer back to the initial comment.


Hi @basainey,

The mission was not completed, hence it was paused in the middle of the flight, that is the reason you are not able to end the mission. If you wish to complete the mission, you have to connect to the drone and start the mission once again.

Regarding the extraction of the log file of FreeFlight 6 app, you should contact the parrot drones because we are not the developer of that app. The Pix4Dcapture app and the FreeFlight 6 app are different app so we are not aware of the methods. If you need the logfile of the Pix4Dcaptue app, my friend Marco has already explained you the steps. If not you have to contact the manufacture of the FreeFlight 6 app for the log file of that app.
Just for your information, you can take over to manual control by moving the remote controller joysticks and changing the flight modes or by pressing the return-to-home (RTH) button. You can have a look at our article on how to interrupt a mission when unexpected behavior occurs here.