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Parrot Anafi in Android

Yesterday I installed Pix4Dcapture and Pix4D Ctrl+Parrot.

It works well, mission planning and controlling works well, photo shoting works well.
Only, I have not seen live camera preview, but black screen.

Than I switched back to FreeFlight6 and it worked well, with camera preview ok.

Today I launched FF6 and the camera dissapear.
Nothig helped. Uninstalling Pix4D dod not helped.

I had to completely made factory reset of Android.
Then reinstalled FF6, type all that logins, and than it back to work with live preview.

Now, I am afraid to use Pix4D. But I want it!

Hi Janusz,

Thank you for your feedback. I assume that it is Ctrl+Parrot 2 that you installed as a new plugin has been developed for the Anafi support.
As reported on the other threadby a user, the issue you experienced maybe hardware related. 

I would not worry to use the Anafi with Pix4Dcapture. our different teams have spent a while testing it before the official support was released. It has been through the quality assurance process with success. Also, be aware that Pix4Dcapture is acting as a third-party application. It means that in case of unexpected behavior, you can take back manual control of the drone anytime.

Also would be interesting to see if you can reproduce this issue or if it occurs frequently. If you have the opportunity, I would also suggest you try another mobile device.