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Parrot Bebop 2, taking manual control and new feature

Hi, how is it possible to take hand on a flight of my bebop2  whenever it has been started by pix4D and i feel something is wrong?

In addition is it planned in a future release to have the same kind of planned flight as for Phantom (double grid mission)?

thank you for answering

Hi Jean,

When using a controller, simply touching the joysticks will activate the manual mode and the mission will be aborted.

At the moment the double grid for Bebop 2 is not in the roadmap, but I will forward your request to the team in charge.


Hi thank you for answering to my questions. good answer!


Hi Jean

In 2019 i would like to use double grid if it is possible like i read on official sites?

Is it in this year on roadmap?

Thank you

Hi Tomislav,

the double grid mission for Bebop 2 is already implemented on iOS but not on Android. 

From the information I have at the moment, there are no short term plans to include it also on Android. The best would be to follow this community post and the technical release notes for the latest information about the Pix4Dcapture app.