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Circular Missions

Hi Is there going to be an update to fly circular missions as a grid with the Phantom 3 Advanced?

You can use ‘DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode’ as walk around.



Do these points upload into Pix4D with the same accuracy. 

Not sure about accuracy. Check this post:

Thank you very much

Hi all,

We do not know yet when a circular mission will be implemented for DJI drones. It is still at the experimental stage for Bebop 2 since circular missions require more attention because of eventual obstacles in the flight track. Bebop 2 is lighter. We are obviously thinking about implementing something similar for DJI drones but it will take some time.

In the meantime, you can still use the Free Flight Mission of Pix4Dcapture and manually fly the drone around a point of interest (POI). Images are captured given a space interval (vertical / horizontal distance), meaning the user does not need to trigger the camera shutter but has to manually control the drone. Free flight recommendations:

Note that a double grid mission was implemented on iOS. This is similar to the grid mission but the camera angle will change during the flight and the second grid allows to capture more facades of buildings for instance. This might be a good alternative depending on what you want to achieve.


To update the answer: circular missions are available on both iOS and Android. More about that here: