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Can only access Grid Mission on Capture App on iOS

Is anyone having trouble accessing the Double Grid Mission and Circular Mission on Capture app (iOS)? 

I can only access the Grid Mission. If I tap Double Grid or Circular Mission the app freezes up and requires a reboot, and following can only access Grid Mission.

Hi Stefan,

We only support the latest version so make sure first you have installed iOS Pix4Dcapture 1.6.1.

To further investigate the issue, it would be helpful for us to know the following information.

  • Drone’s brand and model:
  • Camera mounted (if not default):
  • Drone’s firmware version (the latest is recommended):
  • Device’s brand and model:
  • OS version (ideally the latest):


Idem for me. I can’t use Double Grid or Circular Mission on my Iphone 6+ version ios 10.2.1.

I have installed iOS Pix4Dcapture 1.6.2 on drone DJI Phantom4Pro latest FW

Hi Eric and Stefan,

We could not reproduce it and so we cannot know why it is happening.
However, it looks like uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes the problem.