[Android] features request

Good morning pix4d team, below are some wish items for the flight app that I took note of as a result of my latest project that I believe will make the use of the app a bit more refined and use friendly. please consider and provide a response.


  • Remove the ability to press a custom button that changes or resets the angle of the camera during a mission. If this is done by accident and the operator is unaware, the entire flight photos are taken looking forward and at an incorrect angle.


  • What is the procedure to re-start of continue a mission after and emergency landing or if the battery is replaced. I had to re-fly the entire mission.


  • Stop the automatic creation of a new flight grid after the current mission comes to an end. Instead maybe ask ? This creates confusion on projects with several missions planned back to back.


  • It would be great to have a split screen mode that shows both what is being captured and the grid being flown. (wish item)

Hi Cesar,

Thank you for your feedback. As part of the ongoing development of Pix4Dcapture and based on the user’s feedback, we are constantly improving the user interface so that it is more user-friendly, especially by taking into account the pain points raised.

  • I am not really sure of what button you are referring to here. During a mission, the user can’t access the Settings. If the user tries, a message will display “Settings are not available during a mission”. Is it possible to precise a bit more what you are referring to?

  • About Mission resume and multi-battery flights, a documentation is existing on our support website. If something is missing or is not clear do not hesitate to feedback us.

  • This will be shared with the developer’s team. We also encourage any user who would find the automatic creation of a new flight grid after the current mission annoying to feedback us.

  • A similar feature has been implemented in the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture. It offers the possibility to have the camera view in the corner when flying a mission as well as the possibility to open it full screen. I agree it is more user-friendly and this concern has already been shared with the developer’s team so that they consider implementing it in the future.

We also encourage users to feedback us about their experience with Pix4Dcapture, iOS, and Android.