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P3A and capture 3.1.0 connection problem

I use:

Samsung tab s2
Android 6.0.1

I cant get a connection, i have ctrl+ installed and capture 3.1.0… it lookes like the app doesnt recognise the RC allso i cant see the % of overlap at the overlap bar…
Is there inything i can do to overcome this problem?
My nexus 7 lte with android 4.3 workes fine…

Hi Mark,

A beta Android version has just been just released and should solve the problem of the overlap percentage. We will send you a procedure by email if you are interested to test it.

Do you have the connection problem on both devices? We usually recommend to make sure that:

  • The manufacturer’s app (DJI GO) is not running in the background especially after connecting the device to the drone. Also check that this app is not selected as the default app when connecting. If needed, force the app to stop, using the application manager of the device.
  • The appropriate drone is selected: Settings of the app: Home screen > Settings > Drone type > …
  • The latest firmware is installed on the drone. This can be checked with the manufacturer’s app.

Also we would recommend to try to restart the mission from scratch (close the app, disconnect the mobile device, switch off the remote controller and the drone).

If you have any doubts on the optimal workflow to follow with the app, you can refer to our getting started:


Thenk you,

Yes i would like to try the beta cersion out.

I have the connection problem with samsung tab s2, and allso with my htc m8, and with several mobile phones that i have tested like LG G3 … MY NEXUS 7 LTE connects fine with the app… is it possible the app doesnt work with some mobile devices? Is it possible to have some kinde of petch for samsung tab s2?

Hi Mark,

I sent you the beta procedure by email on Friday, have you received it?

The connection issue might indeed be device related.
The hardware can vary a lot when running Android OS and even with the a specific device there are many different hardware configurations that it is very difficult to support all different devices.

If you try the beta, let us know you feedback.


Thenk you, i hav an email with the post but no beta version… please try again

Do you know what devices do work propperly with pix4dcapture 3.0.1? Is it possible to have a list of tested devices?

We always recommend to user our latest version of the app, meaning Pix4Dcapture 3.1.0 instead of 3.0.1 you mentioned.

Then regarding the devices, we use several of different models and brands to develop and test the app. However, we cannot guarantee that the application will work perfectly with these devices. The hardware can vary a lot when running Android OS and even for one specific model there are many different hardware configurations.

Have you received the beta procedure? I re-sent it yesterday.

Yes i go it and allready tested the new beta,
Works better, allmost perfect with nexus 7 lte, connectivity is better and allso the app is smoother…