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Phantom 3 won't connect to Android App

**New Sorry, didn’t realize there was a sticky thread - looks like a known issue - Mods can move**

Just purchased the Mesh via an email offer today - went to test it out however the Capture App will not connect to the P3A. 

P3A has the most recent firmware 1.05 - P3A connects fine to DJI GO app and Litchi. 




Cant upload picture but tweeted screenshot to @pix4d


*When this is sorted will we get credits for unusable days?

Edited 12/1

After after i use diffrent phone  (Galaxy Note Edge) it seems to work 


So istwork now. So i guess it is my Galaxy S6. But anyways if it work on the Note it should bei ok for the moment. 

Johnny - What FW do you have on your Note Edge? 5.1.1? 

Does your P3 have the latest 1.05? or is it on 1.04? 

I assumed that it was with the P3 FW version not what phone one is using… I guess I’ll need to bust out my Old Note and see if that does the trick, recently just upgraded to the LG V10. 

5.1.1 and the P3 has the last fw before the November update 1.4.10 it is not even the sdk i thougt it is a Problem of the l2 dev fw. Tomorrow i will Change back to the dev fw to try it again with the edge?! I download from the link wich has shared by pix4d in their FAQ… when i get news i will share it to you…

In my experience, that’s related to android firmware. 5.0 and below works, 5.1 not. Litchi works, drone deploy app works with 5.1.1 though so please Pix4d, can you finally do something about this? I am not going to purchase anything until the app works with recent android versions.

With the release of 2.0.8 today I was hoping this would solve my issue - unfortunately this did not… I’ll need to dig around and find my old moto X as I believe that has 5.0 on it… we shall see.



Same here, got a glimmer of hope but no! 5.1 no go with 2.0.8 which is a shame. Drone deploy works.

Huge fan of pix4d but the app is so disappointing. Ability to draw a polygon would be nice. Multi battery mission management is a must and picture sync with phone working would be great.

But first of all, please get it to work with android 5.1 and even 6!!! PLEASE!!!

I think my brothers phone has 4.x on it.  I will see if I can try that tomorrow.

Hi all,

If the application is asking to connect to WiFi, it means that there is a connection problem which is an error we are aware of. This depends on the Android version and device time to time. DJI recently released a new SDK that should fix the problem. Our Capture team will soon integrate it.
Many users do not encounter problems, same here in our office with our Android devices.

Meanwhile we recommend to make sure that:

  • The DJI Go app is not running in the background because it is launched automatically when the USB cable is plugged. Once you have connected the USB cable, check that the DJI Go app is not running.
  • The appropriate drone is selected, please see: Settings of the app: Settings > Drone type > …
  • The latest firmware is installed on the drone.
  • The SDK token is accessible:

Also we would recommend to try:

  • Restarting everything again (close the app, switch off the drone and the remote controller) might help.
  • Starting to fly / making the drone take off before pressing start, that is followed by next and the checklist.

On our forum the following workflow was suggested:
Let us know if you give it a try.

Best regards,