No connect to P3A

on Product Video can see , Pix4d use Phantom 3 with 2312A Motors and new Motherboard, i have 2312 motors and older Motherboard. Eval what i made, no connect with capture App, with DJI and Litchi no Connect problems.


Sorry for my bad engl. school english is 30 Years ago :smiley:


What is the Error,

Android version 5.1.1

FW 1.5.0030

Capture App 2.0.8

Hi Jean-Michel,

Could you please provide details on your issue?

If the application is asking to connect to WiFi, it means that there is a connection problem which is an error we are aware of. This depends on the Android version and device time to time. DJI recently released a new SDK that should fix the problem. Our Capture team will soon integrate it.

Meanwhile we can provide some workaround.
Is it the same issue you have?

Best regards,