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[Pix4Dcapture, P3S] connection problem to Phantom 3 std

Hi I am having difficulties in connecting my dji Phantom 3 std to the pix4d app. 

I connect through an android tablet. Wifi is on and connected to the drone. Dji Go app connects no problem. 

When trying to fly a mission I find it takes a number of attempts to connect. I start the pix4d ctrl+dji first, then link to the Pix4d capture app. Either plan the mission on site or load a pre planned mission the click to start and it says connect drone. No options to connect, if I go back to the screen where it says select drone I click the phantom 3 std, and then move back and still nothing. 

Sometimes if I exit the apps, and restsrt the tablet after 2 or 3 attempts it connects. I then have no problem flying the mission but it can take 5-10 minutes to get to a position to fly, this is wasting battery.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi David,

I’m closing this post as it is a duplicate of this other thread.