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Capture App 3.1.0 (build 67) Overlap Display

This morning I updated my DJI P3P firmware and Pix4D capture app to latest versions.  And tomorrow I have two flights planned (bummer!).  I’ve tested the drone and app, and all is well.  EXCEPT.  That for some reason the %overlap does not show up next to the slider adjustment.  I can adjust the amount of overlap and I see the change on the screen, but I have no way of knowing the actual % of overlap.  This is on my Nexus 7 2013.  Anyone else having similar issue?

Thank you

Hi Todd,

which version of Android do you have on your device? can you please attach a screenshot of the missing overlap percentage?

Thank you

The Android version is 6.0.1.

Below is a screen shot.  all other functions worked well with the app.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but no change.

Hello Todd,

thank you for sharing the screenshot. We were able to reproduce the issue and we’re taking a closer look at it. The problem is not affecting all devices but just those with a specific screen size. 

It will solved in the next release of Capture.


Hello Mattia and Todd.

  • Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Android v6.0.1
  • Capture v3.1.0 (build 67)

Same behavior is seen here too; i.e., % of overlap not given.

Also, after initial update, the tablet remained in landscape display mode even after exiting app. Full power cycle cleared up this issue and it hasn’t been observed since.

Same problem here,
Tablet: samsung tab s2 9.7 inch
Android 6

Allso no connection to the drone ( controller is allready instaled)…

Hi Kelly and Mark,

A beta Android version has just been just released and should solve the problem. We will send you a procedure by email if you are interested to test it.


Yes, please, am always happy to help in tests.