Overlap can not be achieved

I am shooting while changing speed and overlap values.
However, it does not overlap as set value.
Although it looks like a considerable number of photographs are taken on the monitor screen during flight, in fact it is only possible to shoot 1/3 to 1/5 of the number of pictures.
I saw the log of this forum, but I could not find the corresponding log.

The aircraft is using Pantom 3 Pro, camera setting is manual.

I examined past threads.
I noticed that the following two threads are similar to my phenomenon.


Android v3.5.0 contains problems and will be fixed in the next version?

Dear Yoshihiro,

Indeed, in the Android app, the action to shoot a picture is based on a time lapse that relies on DJI firmware that transfers the orders from the app to the drone. For some reasons, which happens time to time and randomly, the images are not captured as frequently as set by our app according the computed time interval. This unfortunately results in missing pictures.

The problem is related to the time interval when it is too short. To avoid it, we would suggest to increase the altitude of the flight, reduce the overlap or reduce the flight speed. Additionally, it seems like this problem is more frequent when the SD card of the drone already contains pictures. Therefore we would recommend to clear and reformat the SD card before flying a mission with Pix4Dcapture.

Our developers are currently fixing this problem with DJI drones and new Android version will soon be released, probably beginning of January at the latest.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear Pix4D support team

We confirmed the release of Android version 3.5.1 so we evaluated immediately.

As a condition, we took a picture with overlapping 90% at the highest speed where the shooting time interval seems to be the shortest.

As a result, the overlap was taken at 90%.
There was never a chance that the picture was missing.

I am satisfied with the result of version upgrade.
I appreciate your response.
Thank you

I had this same issue yesterday using version 3.5.1 of the app running on an nvidia shield tablet and a Phantom 4.  When the app first started synchronizing images, the app report somewhere around 90 images would be synchonized, but then later changed to just 20 and the final number of images on the sd card was 20.  The overlap is not sufficient for a good quality mapping project.  Is the issue supposedly fixed in version 3.5.1? I had this same problem on two flights in one day. 

Hi Clinton,

Yes, on 28.12.2016 version 3.5.1 has been released and the reliability of images capturing has been improved. This should ensure you to have all the expected images on your SD Card at the end of your mission.

Did you experience the issue using 3.5.0 or 3.5.1?

To make sure you’re using the latest version (3.5.1 build 324), tap “Settings” in the Home screen and in the General section you will find the actual version of Pix4Dcapture installed on your tablet. Also, please make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of Pix4D Ctrl+DJI control app.

Hope this helps


I flew both missions with the latest versions of both apps. 3.5.1 build 324 for capture and version 1.3 for Ctrl+DJI.

Also, In the “.events” file for one flight, I have “count_images_expected”:70 and “count_images_taken”:95 but only 20 images are on the sd card.  I don’t see in any of the logs where the app versions use for the missions are recorded, but the versions install on the device are the newest versions available as stated previously.


You should be able to see the version used for the specific mission inside the mission .p4d file that Capture is generating at the end of the flight. You can find it in Pictures/Project_XXXXX/Mission_XXXXX_XXXX and you can open it using a text editor. 

If the missions have been flown with 3.5.1, you should see:


Let us know if it’s the case, so we can investigate further with the reported issue.

Thank you in advance,


Thank you, by opening the p4d file I was able to confirm that the missions were flown using:


When I checked the app it self the day after the flight, it had been updated to Version 3.5.1 (324). The tablet must have auto-updated over night. Too bad it hadn’t auto-updated before I flew the missions.  

I will re-fly with the new app version and report on my findings.


Thank you for checking it. Let us know if with the new version you’re able to correctly achieve the desired overlap.