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No toma ni guarda fotos

hola he tenido problemas con la nueva versión 3.1, tengo el phantom 3 profesional, con esta versión no puedo ver las fotografías que el dron esta capturando, he realizado una misiones de prueba se cargan las instrucciones de vuelo el drone realiza el recorrido pero no ha capturado ninguna fotografía.

hay posibilidad de instalar nuevamente la versión anterior de la aplicación mientras solucionan el problema. 



I have a Phantom 4 and also with the new versions (3.1 ans 3.2) and flight a mission and not photos recorded.

Requiere que te logues con tu usuario y contraseña creado en Pix4D.

Hi all,

I will reply in English hoping this will not be a problem since my Spanish colleague help reply at the moment.
Also thank you Jose for having provided an answer.

Actually when the option JPG+RAW is selected in DJI GO to save images on the drone’s SD card, it can happen that the image capture fails. The coming new Android release will have this bug fixed (probably in two weeks). In the meantime, only the format JPG in DJI GO should be selected to prevent this bug from happening. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Let us know if the issue persists.




Hello everyone I have also had that problem with some missions does not take photos and already verify that JPG is selected in DJI GO and the problem persists … on the screen of the application pix4d says the number of photos but when verifying the SD no There are none

Hi Ronny,

Which drone and camera are you using? It is important to have the latest firmware.
Was the SD card full?
Could you confirm you are using Android 3.8.1 or iOS 1.7.2?


Hello, I am using a Phantom 4 and the camera is the one that the drone brings by default … I thought it could be the SD I did the test leaving the SD empty and perform a mission in which I take pictures and save them then carry out another mission And apparently everything was fine until I checked the photos and I had not taken any, I did another mission and I took pictures again, sometimes I’m taking it and sometimes I do not … but this is happening to me two days before everything was fine … use The application for android and I have version 3.8.1 the only thing I remember that I did before it failed was to update the remote control to 1.8.0 before I had the 1.6.0.


Thank you for providing all these details.

It is recommended to have the latest firmware for the remote controller (v1.8.0) and the drone (v1.2.602). You can check for updates in DJI GO. Besides Pix4Dcapture 3.8.1, do you have installed Ctrl+DJI app 1.5.1?

Did you try to insert another SD card maybe? Could you give more information about the mobile device?
Are you able to trigger the camera and to get images on the drone’s SD card when flying with DJI GO?

Hello, the problem has already been solved, I returned to the update 1.6.0 RC and everything went back to work, I read in several forums that some problems had with version 1.8.0 and indeed, so now in the RC I have the 1.6 . 0 and everything works fine.

Thank you for letting us Ronny! We are glad to see you could solve this issue.
I am sure it will help other users :).