Pix4dcapture last version, dji p3pro, flight time

In last version, flight time computation is changed false. Please check it.

Hello Ali,

to be able to investigate deeper with your issue, I would need some more information.

Are you using the iOS or Android version of Capture? 

Also, which are the dimension (height and width), altitude and overlap of the mission for which you’re noticing bad flight-time calculation?


Hello Ali,

It seems like you replied to noreply@pix4d.zendesk.com the following:

First of all thank to your feed back.
I am using android version. Last version shows 18 minutes for 150 meters altitude and 1000X500 meters field. However it must be 14 minutes around, like before capture version.”

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Going back to the reported issue. In the last Capture app version (3.1.0) we improved the accuracy of our overlap calculation algorithm, to make sure that the overlap between the captured images is as close as possible to the overlap you select when you plan a mission (mission settings –> overlap).

Given this, it could be possible that for the same mission with same selected dimension/altitude/overlap (e.g. 1000x500, 150mt, 75%), Capture will take more images or add one more line to the grid, to comply with the requested overlap.  

As you can imagine, this will of course affect flight-time calculation causing, for example, an increase of flight-time estimation from 14 min to 18 min.