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photo acquisitions number problems

using android pix4dcapture in mission 

same place(450m x 600m) , same option(front overlap 85% and side overlap 80%), flight speed in fast mode

i changed my flight altitude to 140,160,180m  and taking picture 

but have problems

180m take pictures approximately 340pics / 160m approximately 370pics / but 140m approximately 300pics

i calculate the numbers 140m have taking pictrues approximately 400 or more 

in results change flight altitude (180m to 140m)  flight paths are rising(10 to 14) but front overlaps are reduce(30 to 20)

why this happen?

Hi Sung,

Thank you for the information provided.

In order to investigate the issue you are reporting I have several questions:

  • What configuration are you using? (drone, camera, mobile device)
  • Are you updated with drone latest firmware and Pix4Dcapture latest versions?
  • Have you been able to reproduce the behavior encountered when flying at 140m?

Using the Android version of Pix4Dcapture, it is only possible to set the frontal overlap. The side overlap is then automatically calculated to be as close as possible to the frontal overlap. I assume that you set the frontal overlap to 85%?