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Image overlap

Hi, I have an issue with image overlap in pix4Dcapture. I flight with DJI Phantom 4pro at 100 meter altitude and 80 percent overlap. On ground the height of image is 100 meter, So every 20 meter i need to take a photo to reach 80 percent overlap; But when i choose max speed to fly, pix4Dcapture take photo every 3 second in 10 m/s flight speed that give me one photos per 30 meter (70 percent overlap) !

Have any one  any solution?

I always fly at Normal or Very Slow and even there I wouldn’t say it is always perfectly on the overlap number but closer than what you are describing.

It does seem logical that the faster you tell Pix4Dcapture to fly the less overlap…

Can you confirm if your camera setting is complete NADIR, or at a slight oblique angle?