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[Android] Overlap percent needs more choices

I did a flight with P4D on 90% overlap, and got 700 photos. Then I created same mission with 80% overlap and it was like 1/2 the photo count (or less I recall). It occurred to me that the overlap is both side and front, so a 10% increase on both has a multiplied effect.

On Drone Deploy, we can choose different side and front overlaps, and I am now seeing this is somewhat critical to controlling how many photos I want taken.

Its important enough that it makes P4D second choice for flight control currently. Its too bad, as I like the double grid structure mode of P4D. I’m just surprised we can’t choose increments of say, 1 or 2% for overlap as that affects post processing time and several things.


Hi James,

For the Android version of Pix4Dcapture, you can basically choose the front overlap with steps of 10%, from 70 to 90%.
However, if you activate the _advanced mode (_in the menu where you select your type of mission, tap SETTINGS and tick Enable advanced mode), you will be able to choose the frontal overlap with steps of 5% from 0 to 95%.

Note that the side overlap is automatically calculated to be the closest as possible to the frontal overlap.

For the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture, it is possible to set the front and side overlap separately, with steps of 1%, from 20 to 90%.


Gael, thanks for the explanation. Man, that advanced mode setting is buried. 85% seems about what I wanted.

Normally its easier for the programmers to have same interface for multiple systems, odd that the ios allows 1% increments and separate control for side and front. Do you have two different people doing ios and android and they don’t get along the best?