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I am using a trial version of ProMapper before I get my copy of PostFlight Terra 3D with my eXom in a couple of weeks. I have downloaded several of the sample data sets and processed the images. After processing, I see various files in various formats (.ply, .obj, .prj, .png, etc) that have been produced as outputs. My question is, if I have a customer using CAD or a GIS program, what files do we send as deliverables? I have watched the webinars and tried to find the answer in the manual, but have not found the answer. Does v2.0 make this more understandable?

I guess it depends what your customer wants. In gis software such as Qgis you can import the mosaic for example in tif or also shp file for the contours. For cad soft I guess you would use dxf. There is a useful list here: