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Pix4D outputs in Agtek

Has anyone had any luck with using pix4d outputs in Agtek? We have a client that uses that for work and are still playing with what is the best file type to bring into Agtek. We have tried contours and dxf points made with global mapper but with little luck. 

Are you trying to import a surface into agtek? What I have found with Agtek, is that it likes DXF files the most. So are you finding that the contours if exported as a DXF are not coming across?


We at Las Vegas Paving have done Many, Many topos with Pix 4D and Agtek 4D, the 64bit version.

We have had great success, on projects from 5ac to 800ac.

We mostly use the DXF Contours, because that is the only way we out of Pix4D that has been readable.

It would be great to be able to get, say a Trimesh out so one could use Agtek to contour the site, but be able to have the Trimesh in the background hidden, for ease of viewing.