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Pix4D vs Agisoft - Point Cloud Quality

God day all

I have always wanted to ask why users opinion with Pix4D would still remove some points that it thinks are noise even though noise filter is turned off. I find point cloud files generated with Pix4D are of lower quality that those generated using Agisoft photoscan, there are unwanted holes/gaps for points generated with Pix4D while Agisoft photoscan give nice and continuous point clouds, why is that?



Hi Clarence,

As I am not familiar with Agisoft Photoscan I cannot speak about their methods or algorithms. From the screenshots, it seems that most of the area where points have not been extracted are above water ponds. As water is hard to reconstruct (is difficult to identify the same point in multiple images) then few matches will be found hence we approach a “no data” method instead of interpolating or filling the area. 

To have a better understanding could post here the quality report and some screenshots closer to these areas?