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Topcon files?

How can we our data from Pix4d into equipment like Topcon’s Pocket 3d?  For example surfaces imported into a Topcon 3D need to be either .tn3 or land.xml.  Obviously .tn3 is a proprietary tin format, but how about land.xml?  We use Global Mapper and for the life of me can’t find anything on landxml.


We have a client who uses Topcon Office 3D and we have had the best luck with loading DWG contours into it, then letting it create a tin from those.  I use Global Mapper as well to generate the contours from the point cloud.

Points and break lines would be preferable, but a project of over 100 acres will crash Topcon if you try to load that big of a file, even if you make a 10’ point file.  You have to play around with file sizes to find one large enough to be accurate enough, but not crash it.

I agree with Jake, I use Trimble business center to work with my data. However I wouldn’t dare load a XML surface from the pointcloud into my controller.