Exporting Drone Photo Map to pdf

Is there a way to export a PDF or CAD to overlay the photo positions to an orthomosaic? The goal is to give the client a pdf or CAD file where they can click a photo bubble and be linked to the photo. Currently, we export the photo positions, run a LISP file in AutoCAD to bring the photos in and names them with hyperlinks where we host the image files. This is tedious, and requires us to maintain image hosting. In a Pix4D project it is simple to click the photo bubble in the Map View and have the image appear, is there any way to get a pdf export for something similar?

Are you looking for a “json” file or something like it for html ? or did I just run off the tracks!

Hi Caleb, Hi Gary :slight_smile:

We do not export such a file right now that connects the processing area with the input images. 
I ve passed your idea to our Product Development Team.

I wonder if any user has found a workaround that could be useful for your case…

Thanks Christina!

I do this manually , (Damage reporting)
Would be interesting to output a html file with chipouts of the full-res images for deliverables.

Sorry if this isn’t the question Caleb is asking.

I think it is very related. We do not have such an output right now, but I see how this can be useful for Inspection (inspecting elements on the input images).

You could share the output files, images and p4d file of a project with the end user/client. The end user could use the free Pix4Discovery version to inspect the project (if he/she does not have a Pix4Dmapper license).

Yes Mam, thank you,
The last is true if the customer is willing to do some of that work themselves…

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I use Geosetter Program, you can export all of our photos to the size you want to Google Earth and your client can click on the bubble to see the image.