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FBX or similar camera export

Photoscan has a neat feature that Pix4d does not have at the moment.  The ability to export the calculated cameras as a .fbx file.

This is really useful for visualisation work, as it makes mixing photos and 3d renders a lot easier.  If you want to make a render showing a proposed building or something, and mix it with a drone image of the current terrain,  all you need to do is take the image you are going to use, and then take a few more, enough for calculations to work, and then the camera and image that was taken at that position will line up perfectly in 3d software.

It’s a shame that there is no such export at the moment, since all the required info is there allready

Yes, that would be a fantastic feature! Extremely useful

I’m not sure I understand the use case well enough. If you could provide an illustration of your example it would help me. This will also enable me to better report the suggestion to our Product Owners. 

From my understanding, you want to blend together a model of the terrain (from Pix4D) and a model you created in a third party software, so that you can visualize both at the same time. 

Why is it better to have the camera export and not directly the model in 3D? Looking forward to your insights!