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Exporting to data and cameras to maya film set scans

Hi all lewis here
I work for a vfx company and we a testing the software befor we buy very impressed so far.
I have two questions before we do.

1- we are exporting all the 3d assets to autodesk Maya is there a way to orientate/set up pix4d mapper 3d scenes to match Maya 3d coordinate system before/after we have processed the scans. Currently when exporting the point clouds/ 3d textured geo/obj.fbx we have to rotate it manually in Maya and move the floor up to the ground plan.

2- is there a way of exporting all the cameras used to solve the point cloud/rays in there correct orientations to auto desk Maya also.
we would use these cameras as witness camera to manually solve other camera shot on set and for projections ect…

Hi Lewis,

We have replied to you by private message, but I think it worth to share the solution on our community.

Pix4Dmapper exports the computed camera positions. You can find the file here (on this computer path):

For more information, this article describes all the parameters contained in the params folder: What does the Output Params Folder contain?


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Thanks for all your help on this and i think this is definitely the data i’m looking for it just im not very computer savvy so I wouldn’t know how to take this data and translate into something autodesk Maya would understand as a camera if any one one has a mel script that would be great.
best lewis