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Demo 3d Model Please


My organisation are looking to purchase Pix4D and would like to know if the exported pbjects can be viewed in a VR headset. Would it be possible for someone to send me an object from Pix4D so that we can test the experience?


Hi @robgoldsmith,

Here are some example data set that we provide:

Which format do you use in your VR headset?
Please check here our outputs:

If your VR supports any of these format then you will not have any issue importing them.

Hope this will help.

hiya thanks for the reply, i have the trial at the moment to see if it does what i want, i have my drone imagery and i am happy with the 3d environment it creates. My problem is i cant export to a 3d file in the trial at the moment so i am after an exported one to test. It would possibly need to be vieweable in Microsoft’s free 3d viewer too


Hi Rob,

There is not limitation with the trial license.

Make sure that when logging in you select the right license:
The Trial one and not the discovery:

Then you should be able to complete the processing and have access to the outputs.