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Creating a clickable map of facade



I have a collection of images from facade scan acquired through another package, problem is they don’t have mapping capability yet for that type of collection. 

I’ve watched this pix4d vid: 

What I would like to do, is once the map is created, I’d like to be able to click a location on the map and send its coordinates to the drone as a click and go mission. Can this be done with this orthomosaic?


I am flying either a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom or a Matrice 210 RTK.






As mentioned in the article that you shared, orthofacades are not georeferenced therefore what you are describing is not possible.
For drone flying, have you used our application Pix4Dcapture?
There you can import *.kml/*.kmz files:

Both of your drones are supported on our app.




I have tried pix4dcapture. I am collecting a imagery, along with the quad’s telemetry at the same time. Once I’ve georeferenced the imagery using the telemetry, does Pix4d have any utilities that would take those georeferenced images and create a 3D map of the object (building, cliff, etc) being photographed?




If you acquire your images with Pix4Dcapture, the app will create a *.pd4 file that has recorded the positions of your images.
Then you can use this file to open your project and your images will be georeferenced.
Usually when using a drone, it records it automatically the geolocation information in its EXIF file.
It means that when you import your images, thanks to the EXIF file our software will recognize the camera used and the position of the images.


But the accuracy of your model will not be guarantee if you only use the geoinformation of your images.
In order to get a much more accurate project we recommend the usage of Ground Control Points (GCPs):

Pix4Dmapper is a photogrammetry software that creates Orthomosaic, DSM, DTM, Point Cloud, Triangle Textured Mesh, contour lines and Index maps from images.
So yes you can create 3D models.

I strongly recommend you to go through our articles in our knowledge in order to get more information on how to use our software:
Pix4dmapper Desktop

Hope this will help.