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Export Annotations / Map to PDF

When I send maps to users, a request that keeps coming up is having the ability to export the ortho map and annotations as a PDF file. Right now, you have to use a screenshot, which is a jpg, then convert to a .pdf, which does not work well. That is because if you have a certain size map and small/large annotations, they quantity will not show up if you are not zoomed in enough.

When using a software like DroneDeploy, we were able to export an annotation report, which numbered each annotation on the map and gave you a separate report at the bottom showing you information about that particular number.

Thank you for your feedback. Would you please clarify which Pix4D software you prefer to be added?

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This would be for Pix4Dcloud Advanced.

Thank you for letting us know about it. I will pass your request to our development team for future development.

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