Exporting PDF Annotations

I’ve seen this request a few time. Being I’m fairly new to Pix4d Cloud coming from Drone Deploy this seems like a no brainer. I can generate volume reports using Agtek but it would save me a lot of time to be able to generate a volume report in Pix and export it as a nice PDF report…Like Drone Deploy can do.

Hi @joe.gatti,

Thanks for your feedback. Please could you provide more information about what type of information you need accessible in a PDF format and how do you need it, like tables, graphs, etc. Any extra information that you would like to provide will be appreciated.

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Hi @Heydi_Contreras,
A ortho PDF with the volumes outlined like what you show in the web interface and table below of to the side showing the numbers…cut, fill, difference, volume in cubic yards. It’s all already in the web interface just be great to be able to output that to a pdf report. For me it’s mostly volume of stockpiles but I’m sure there’s other annotation where this feature would be useful.