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Orientation contraint


if I add orientation constraints to my project, after reoptimizing the whole thing just disappears. View all doesn’t find anything, I can click on the constraints in the layers panel and see the associated images in the rhs panel but no ray cloud.

i am using the Mac beta, so not sure if it’s an issue but I can manipulate the raycloud window.

i removed the constraints and Reoptimized and still nothing.

if I play an animation trajectory I see the raycloud, if I stop - it disappears 

any ideas?

corrupt results dataset?

On the Windows version I get blank screens sometimes in map or rayCloud so I either switch views and come back or restart Pix4D.  But then again I am not using orientation constraints so maybe that is truly creating a blank data set because of a bug or invalid parameters.

Nothing against Pix4D but I wouldn’t trust the Mac version just yet…lots of real-world testing is needed to validate any photogrammetry software.

Re starting doesn’t affect it. I also have a problem even if I ‘save as’ First . although it reports its copying the data to the new project folder and then i add a constraint to the new project and reoptimise, Both the unmodified origanal and the saved as version exhibit the same behavior. Considering running parallels and the win version. Boo

Very odd issue Rob and certainly frustrating.  If you don’t have a Windows box then I could run it on my machine to test that variable.  Shoot me an email,

thanks adam, will do.