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Raycloud: point clouds greyed out?

I ran a Pix4D batch (Pix4D command line) to generate some point clouds and orthomosaics. I then transferred all the outputs, project files, and all the images for the entire acquisition over to a separate directory. When trying to open up the project file, the option to view the point clouds are greyed out. Anyone know what I can do?

Hey Adriano,

Most likely transferring the project to a new directory has broken the projects’ expected file paths. The best option to move projects to new directories is to use the built in Save As option when opening up the project.

You would most likely regain access to your projects functions if you were to move the projects back to their original directory and then use the Save As function to place them in their final locations.

To prevent the necessity in the future it would be good to ensure the script you are using saves the project in their final destination or that you view the exported data products directly via software such as CloudCompare, QGIS, or other 3rd party software such as the ESRI suite. This of course may not be possible or recommended if that final directory is a remote network storage.

Yours Sincerely,