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Open Ray Cloud from Saved Project

I’m having trouble opening saved projects.  What should be a straight forward operation doesn’t seem to be working.  I spent the better part of a day processing a large project, viewed the model, and decided to continue the next day. 

Today, I opened the project and it defaults to the map view, and I can see all the path and position of the photos taken.  Switching to the Ray Cloud tab on the left does nothing.  I cannot see the model or results of any processing that was done prior.  Do I need to rerun local processing every time I open an existing project? 


you need to load the point cloud. Switch over to the ray cloud using the left sidebar, and then click the check box in densified point cloud and give it some time to load. 

That is a no go.  Points do not load, triangle mesh does not load.  I installed the beta Apple version on my Mac and that same project loads up fine.  

If the points were never generated, that option shouldn’t even be listed. Can you describe what is happening when you click that box, and maybe attach a screenshot?


Does it look like they are loading, but you just can’t see them? If so, click on the point cloud in the menu (or any object, like a camera) and press “F”. 

I’m having the same issue…the only box I can click on in the rayCloud from a saved project are the Rays…any advice?


Andrew, Can you take a screenshot of the project summary in the map view screen? 

I wanted to see if it displays that your point cloud is already generated, but I noticed on a project that I just opened that the summary states that I do not have a point cloud generated, although I do (see 2nd picture). Now I’m just curious what yours displays. 


Was just running some test…glad we did …any advise?

Your summary states that initial processing is not yet done. 

If you already did that, I’m guessing there could be a lot of possible reasons it’s showing as incomplete (project files moved, crash during initial processing, etc), but I would be guessing.

You don’t have that many pictures from the look of it. Can you try running just step 1 again? 

It was fully processed…but I’ll redo the initial processing as you’ve indicated and see what happens…I’ll keep you posted…tnx

We had to start from scratch…for some reason, our first processing did not save. This has happened a few times over the last few days…is there a setting we need to change to insure the project is saved?

Hi Andrew,

Could you please contact using the support request form and send the quality report that was generated at the end of step 1?
It is located here: …\Project_name\1_initial\report\Project_name_report.pdf
It is possible to generate it without re-processing step 1 if needed:

At the end of the processing (step 1), were you able to access the result folder …\Project_name\1_initial?
We are not sure to fully understand the issue. You closed the project after processing step 1, then you opened the .p4d file again and the rayCloud was empty and the results folder was removed, could you confirm?
Did you do anything in between like for instance upgrading the software?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Julie,

I’m also facing the same problem. Every other output is displaying except point cloud, triangle mesh and other options available in rayCloud tab. I’ve send my quality report to the support mail you mentioned.