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Camera layer not available

I had a project that was all done and processed so I saved it and closed out, when I went to go back and open the project the images would not pop up. It shows the images as being in the system but they just do not display and the camera layers selection is grayed out.

Hello Amber, 

Did you move, rename or copy the project or a part of the project by any chance?

Best Regards, 

I have had a similar issue, is this due to moving the location of the saved program?

Hello Owen,

In order to move a Pix4D project, we recommend using the _ Save As… _ option. A new .p4d project file will be created and saved with the same information as the current project. For more information, please check out How to move a project from one machine to another?.

If you copy paste the folders into another location, the internal links might not be updated and you will encounter problems like not displaying the results in the rayCloud.
How did you move the project? Did you rename the images maybe?