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[Pix4Dmapper] Images not displaying in the rayCloud, but the MTPs are still there

I created a project in the desktop app and was in the process of georefrencing the images (the GPS on the camera wasn’t functioning properly). I saved it and closed out of pix4d. I renamed the file and came back into the project at a later time and the images were not displaying in raycloud. The mtp’s are still there. I went into the image property editor, and it appears that all of the images are still there. Is there a way to remedy this? 


Hi Lori,

By renaming a file, you must have broken the internal file paths. Which file did you rename? If it is the .p4d file, then you could try giving it its original name back, then reopening the software. If you want to rename a project, you need to open the project in Pix4D and select Project >  Save Project As… , then save it under another name.