Orbit line of sight mission Mavic 3T

Hi everyone, last time I tried to create an orbit line of sight mission around a, cell tower but I did not have the possibility to set the camera to 0 degree(only between -30 to -60 degree).
Any idea of how to change camera angle to 0 degree when doing an orbit line of sight mission?

Hi @dioufpaul,

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Are you using PIX4Dcapture (legacy) or PIX4Dcapture Pro?

Hello @Daniele_Lecci ,
I’m using PIX4Dcapture Pro.


Hello @Daniele_Lecci ,
When processing Cell tower asset, I had to choose between 3D Model and Visual inspection.
3D Model does not allow orbit line of sight mission but Visual inspection yes.


Thank you for your reply, @dioufpaul.

Can you please send the log files to us?