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pix 4D image footprints rotated 45 degrees



I have been trying Pix4D capture with Crystal Sky.

One issue I have noticed is when I fly the Grid mission all my photos are facing the ground (nadir) but the images are all captured with a 45 degree rotation.  Instead of the images bring in portrait mode in relation to the flight line they are all rotated 45 degrees so the footprint looks like a diamond in relation to the flight line.

In the settings we have the camera facing forward.    The gimball is orientated in the forward position at take off.

Any idea to orient the photos portrait in relation to the flight line.



Hi Derek,

Note that the CrystalSky is not officially supported by Pix4Dcapture for the moment. It looks like the pictures acquisition was done as if the center setting was activated despite the fact that you set it on forward.
Normally, if you put the camera angle to vertical and the face setting to forward, the drone mission should be achieved without any issues.

Can you please follow-up the below suggestions and answer the questions. Most of the time going through the basic troubleshooting will solve the issue:

**Prior to a flight:

What is your flying configuration? (camera, drone)

  • Make sure that you are updated with both the latest Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+DJI versions, drone firmware version and potentially the mobile device os version. 
  • Have you already fly successful missions in your configuration using Pix4Dcapture? If yes, has the issue first occurred after a software update?
  • Is the camera recognized properly and is the connection to the drone effective and without any issue? (you can look at the telemetry on the application to make sure of that)
  • Is this behavior occurring all the time? What kind of mission are you flying? Is there a way you can send screenshots of the missions so that it is possible to have a better overview on how the pictures were taken?

If experiencing issues while planning a mission / connecting to the drone / flying a mission:

  • Restart the mission from scratch. To do so, close and force quit the app, disconnect the mobile device, turn off the remote controller and the drone. Then respectively switch on the drone, then the remote controller and finally Pix4Dcapture. 
  • Make sure that the drone app is not running in the background. You can follow-up this procedure.
    basic checks and troubleshooting.
  • (In DJI GO 4) check that everything is running fine. You should have a stable connection and the ability to takeoff and fly manually, to get the camera view and to take pictures.
  • (In DJI GO 4) make sure that no settings can prevent the mission to be done (Maximum altitude, beginners mode, …). Check especially if an angle is not set for the camera.
  • Try another mobile device, if possible.