Why can't I change the angle of the camera during a circular mission?

During a circular mission I try to adjust the camera angle to get a cell tower in the center of the Frame but as soon as I realize the camera tilt button it goes back to pointing to low and at the ground which is causing bad images. Please help

Hi Danielle

What aircraft are you using and software?


I am currently flying a DJI P4 Pro. I am using Pix4d Capture when I’m having the issue. While in a 2D or 3D grid I have the option to select the camera angle but not in circular. 

I do have litchi but in the orbit mission it does not take photos automatically it appears. 

I fly the P4P as well but have not notice this.

However for orbital missions, DJI Go 4 offers me more flexibility and options at this time for this type of flight plan.

Set the camera to manual and 2 second shutter dwell.


Hi Danielle,

During circular mission, the drone translates to always face the point of interest (DJI GO / DJI GO 4 feature). The camera angle is set so that it points toward the ground, therefore you don’t have control over the angle of the camera (tilt angle). 

For more info, you can also have a look at this video made by a Pix4Dcapture user about circular mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwkDRWWSF2U&t=87s

Hope this helps.


Is there a way to set camera angle in Pix4DCapture for oval flights, or if I set camera angle manually before flying the mission will it keep that angle for the entire mission?


DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual
Pix4D Capture on IPad