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Circular mission in Pix4D Capture needs more settings options

There is no option to adjust camera angle, but Pix4D claims it’s programmed to look at the ground. What if it’s a really tall tower or a mountain? You’d have to climb to the top to get it to look at the peak, and then you’d have the entire bottom of the subject left out.

The circular mission is just not set-up to be usable for different scenarios.

Hello Joshua,

The circular mission on Pix4Dcapture has indeed be implemented in a way that the camera will point the center of the circle, looking at the ground.
Depending on the type of object you would like to reconstruct, it will imply at the moment to do several circular missions to capture all the scene.

It is in our long term goal to implement 3D missions, it will enable the users to capture the whole scene in one flight to optimize the workflow. In the meantime, I shared your interesting feedback with the developer’s team and the product owner.