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Multiple Mapping Issues Using Mavic



I have been using the Mavic for mapping out customer locations and have various issues with it.  

  1. Main issue is the focus issue like all others have experienced.  I have to fly to image acquisition altitude prior to defining mission in P4D app. to focus, then land and close GO app. That often does not work and requires a power cycle of all equipment and reattempt before focus is acceptable.  
  2. Sometimes I define a mission and get a very useful error message after some 30-45 seconds stating “execution could not be executed”… kudos to that engineers lack of specificity.  Of course this offers no information to resolve the issue, thus it occurs multiple times before the mission will launch. Sometimes changing the orientation of the end point helps.
  3. Often on missions that are far away the app becomes delayed and the screen goes black during the “photo blink” and then comes back for a fraction of a second only to go back to black.  This cycles on and off during the whole mission.
  4. When you switch from Map to Camera view to view the flight, then switch back to the Map view it does not track the flight during the portion of the flight where you were in Camera view.  So you have huge jumps in the flight tracker line and cannot see if the drone flew a true course or was drifting due to wind.  
  5. I have launched a mission, the drone did not take off, so I closed the app and reloaded the same mission and the drone took off and flew the whole mission before I hit the launch butto, but still had the launch button available as if a mission was able to be launched.  If a user hard closes the app it should kill the state of the drone and not launch the mission.
  6. Need polygon missions for android.  The rectangle only features makes my mapping very inefficient.

This app has potential to be an amazing tool, and already makes my job easier. However, these issues should be addressed to improve usability of the system.

Hi Kyle,

  1. Did you see this active post about Mavic Pro focus? (Android, iOS) Camera focus and DJI exposure time
  2. There are several errors related to miscommunication between the Pix4Dcapture and the drone. Sometimes the SDK (set of programming tools for software development to interact with the drone hardware) is not responsive. Restarting from scratch should solve the problem.
  3. The blinking relies on the signals exchanged between the drone and the app. There might be delays and discontinuity when the drone flies far away from the operator.
  4. This is not expected. Did it happen with the latest versions 3.8.4 (Pix4Dcapture) and 1.6.2 (Ctrl+DJI) with the latest drone firmware? Could you give more information about your device (brand, model, OS version)?
  5. Did you force quit Pix4Dcapture?
  6. The polygonal flight is currently being developed.

Thank you for the detailed and nice feedback!