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Mission Planning with Ebee/eMotion software

I’m currently planning a mission in a remote area to create a detailed orthomosaic of some historic features in the Canadian Arctic. Pix4D talks about 75% frontal overlap (with respect to the flight direction) and at least 60% side overlap for general cases. eMotion 3 software uses the terms lateral overlap and longitudinal overlap. Is frontal overlap the same as lateral overlap, and lateral overlap the same as side overlap? Also, what are the recommended levels of overlap for an Ebee Drone when collecting images for an orthomosaic? I often get a warning that the longitudinal overlap may not be achievable when I set it for 60% overlap when lateral overlap is at 70%.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

Hi Peter, 

The eMotion 3 mapping software uses the lateral and longitudinal overlap in place of side and front overlap respectively. If you are using it for RGB imaginary, I would recommend 80% front and 75% side overlap to ensure the better image acquisition.

Thanks for the quick response Kapil!,

When I used 75% Lateral and 80% Longitudinal I receive a warning message stating that longitudinal overall might not be achievable. How can I fix this, or do I need to?


Hi Peter, 

We are not sure about the issue you are explaining. I think it would be better if you contact the eMotion 3 app developer regarding the issue.