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Lowest overlap on sequoia.

Hi has anyone already tried low overlap configurations on the parrot sequoia and obtained good mosaic results when using pix4d fields? Currently I have been using 80% front overlap and 60% side overlap, had no issues till now, no matter altitude flown and wind conditions.

Anyone is using lower values?

Hi Gustavo,

We have seen some users processing datasets with 75% frontal and 70% side overlap with some satisfactory results. Some users who process with less overlap than that they get some holes in the orthomosaic (not always we also have users who have processed with less overlap because it also depends on the field that they are flying). We are currently investigating what can we do from our side to reduce the needed overlap to process the images, but in general for agriculture projects a higher overlap is needed. In Pix4Dmapper for example we suggest at least 85% frontal and 70% side overlap. In Pix4Dfields and to be save I will keep the overlap that you use. Maybe some of our users can also share their experiences with us.

Kind regards,