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mission doesn't really start

Hi! i was thinking on deleting that mission and start over from scratch in the very moment I’m about to fly. All the checks were correct, that why I was so surprised.

I live in the UK and weather is not on my side this time of the year, but as soon as I have the proper conditions, i will try again. The big problem is that I’m afraid the trial period could finish before I’m able to test all I need to test to make a decision about this app.

Best wishes

Hello all, Newbie here, and I am using DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller.

Same issue here!

I planned out 3 missions and got all checkmarks green. The drone flew up and moved forward a little bit but then stopped and just hovered and said, going to the mission.

I checked DJI GO4 Calibrated Compass since I was getting an error there then everything cleared out. I went back to Pix4D and ran the created a new mission, and it did the same thing, hovered.

Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks!