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drone goes up and doesn't go to the mission/ mavic pro 2

I have a problem where I start a mission the drone goes up to the selected altitude but does not start the mission, the drone is stopped in the air above the starting point.

Has anyone had this problem?
already updated all drone applications and everything else, uninstalled and installed again.

equipment: mavic pro 2 + iphone XR


Regarding your issue, I would suggest to make sure that all applications (PIX4Dcapture) and relevant firmware (Mavic 2 Pro firmware) are up to date in order to ensure optimal performance. Verify that you are not flying close to some no-fly zone and I would also suggest using our Troubleshooter.


I will verify the information, and test again.

Thank you very much so far.

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You are welcome.


Hi , we have the same problems. It started with some connecting issues but it seems like they are suddenly dissapeared. But…now the Mavic 2 Pro with DJI Smart Controller is hovering and not starting his task. Yes, all firmware is up to date, (M2P + SC) but also tje latest version of the app CTRL+DJI and de Pix4D capture. We also force quit the pix4Dcapture and the manufacturer app is not running in the background. We are in a no fly zone but are certfied in the Specific Cat. and did a unlocking by Dji. Normally we’re flying in this No Fly Zone with approval and the same M2P and SC. We would like to buy the other software of Pix4D but if we can’t try it, it has no use…and yes we’ve tried it on 3 smartcontrollers an 2 drones so…who can help us out!? Also is still asking for approval…
Thanks!, Regards Marcel

And the last one…

all apps are up-to-date and we are out of the air restriction zone.
the problem remains the same, the drone goes up and is paired and does not go to the mission.

DJI GO 4 version 4.3.42
PIX4Dcapture version 4.12.1

can you help me ?