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Mavic Pro Issue

Can anybody please help - This issue has happened a few times now using my Mavic Pro. I start a job, the connections are all fine and all is uploaded to the drone. It then flies to the start point and hovers. I have tried the pause button and re-upload in the air, and then the job is reloaded. After hitting resume, it still just hovers!

I then hit the pause + return to home button, switch the battery off, restart the battery, hit the resume button and the mission proceeds with no issues. Can anyone please assist…


I would suggest you go through all the basic checks and troubleshooting steps as well as the Pix4Dcapture troubleshooter as it may resolve most of the issues that can be encountered, if properly followed. Check also if the issue also happens when you select the GRID mission plan or other plans as well. In case of unexpected behavior, the best solution is to interrupt the mission .