Pix4D Capture not compatible with DJI P4PV2 Remote ID

Just want to see if I understand this and if other have seen this. Last week DJI updated the firmware for the Phantom 4 Pro V2 to broadcast Remote ID. I’ve updated a Phantom 4 Pro V2 (Go4/Aircraft/RC) to the latest version and confirmed Remote ID opertions. However, Pix4D Capture will no longer control the drone, it won’t even take-off (with or without Go4 running in the background it seems). When I used Pix4D Capture Pro, it appeared to function with Remote ID and as expected.

Anyone else seen this, I assume it is due to Capture not being updated since 2021, so we will need to migrate to Capture Pro. for our Phantom 4 Pro V2’s.

Hi @esidronemap1

Yes, PIX4Dcapture is not being maintained.
You can use PIX4Dcapture Pro. To use the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2, you don’t need a paid license. However, you will be limited to Grid and Orbit mission types and you won’t have Professional features such as Offline maps and Terrain awareness.

More information here:

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I was able to use the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 with the Pix4D Capture app prior to the latest RID firmware without any issues.
Since updating the firmware, the P4P will not launch with Pix4D Capture. In using Pix4D Capture Pro the P4P launched but only did one flight path of a double grid and then stopped and hovered.
This occurred multiple times with Pix4D Capture Pro.

Hi @olsonj,

Yes, this is correct, after the end of a mission, you need to manually press the return to home point button.

For the double grid mission the drone should have flown 4 flight paths on the north-south direction and then change to east-west flight path.

The drone flew the 1st leg of the 4 north-south flight paths and then stopped and would not continue. The mission had to be canceled because the mission would not complete.

Thank you for the additional information, @olsonj.

This is not expected. Are you flying near a No Fly Zone (NFZ)?
Can you share the log files with us?

The logs have been sent.

Hi @olsonj,

I confirm that we have received the logs. I have forwarded these to the product team.