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Metadata from DJI Phantom

If I look at the Metadate of a DJI Phantom 3 Professional Picture in Photoshop it does provide a lot of information like angel in al 3 Axes and directionn of the Picture as well as the altitude from the barometer. Does Piix4d read out this metadateinfomration? 

Hi Daniel,

Pix4Dmapper takes advantage of the absolute altitude written above.

Yaw, pitch, roll parameters are not needed for processing.
Actually the software can even process images with having geolocation for the images. Orientation parameters are useful when they are very precise. Probably the precision of DJI is not sufficient for our purpose but we could take these parameters into account for checking for instance.

I have reported your suggestion to our developers to see what it would be possible to implement.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you for your answer. I will be interested to see, what the future brings.