Merge non-calibrated point clouds

Is there a way using Matic to align a non calibrated point cloud with one that is? In other words, I have a project processed using GPC’s, but I have other capture processed data in the same area that has no GCP’s, but contains may common features. Is there a way in Matic to identify those similar point in each point cloud and merge them together?

It was possible to do this in Mapper using identically named manual tie points in each point cloud, but I do not see where or how I can do this in Matic.

Hi Austen,

We are currently working on improving the workflow but there is already a work around that you can try. First, make sure that you have defined the CRS in both projects. Then,

  • Mark 3 MTPs in the reference project
  • Convert them to GCPs (Matic version 1.51.0)
  • Export the GCPs
  • Import the GCPs in the project to be aligned
  • Mark the GCPs
  • Reoptimize to align the project to the GCPs
  • Merge the second project into the reference project

Hope this can help you. Let me know if it worked.