Matic Project Merge w/GCP's

I have two flights with a Mavic3E RTK. When I initially merged after calibration of each flight, they did not merge well and there two projects came in separated vertically. I took each project and added the same GCP’s to each, and then reoptimized them.

When I merge the two projects, it does not recognize that the GCP’s are the same (as it does in Mapper) and then duplicates them so instead of 16 GCP’s, it now has 32.

How can I get it to merge using the GCP’s? Or do I just have to delete the duplicates that it has now?

Hi @Austen_Proctor,

Is there a specific reason why you would not like to keep the duplicate GCPs? This will help me understand the context of your question.

The software assumes that both sub-projects are well geolocated and keeps the original GCPs, so that the entire flow is transparent. This does not have any side effects on the processing though and the project can be continued as is.

We could look into providing alternatives to this workflow if really needed (e.g. “merge GCPs, or tie points” as part of the merging procedure).