2 meshs non-aligned


Is it possible to re-align 2 projects without any GCPs ? As you can see on the picture below, this 2 meshs represent the same dam but are not perfectly merged, i was hoping that with the mavic 3 enterprise coordinates it would work, but obviously i was wrong.

thanks for your help

Take coordinates from at least three points from 1st project and use those as GCP’s in project 2. Those points need to be visible in both projects. After that your meshes should align nicely.

Is you M3E equipped with RTK-module?

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Thank you for your answer, i’m going to try this. No it’s not equipped with RTK module because we do not have a RTK network subscription. If I install the module on it, without a subscription, will the coordinates be more accurate or not ?

Thanks !

No. The RTK-module by itself won’t be any more accurate.

You will need RTK-module and your own GNSS base station or a subscription service. It’s also possible to PPK your dataset if you have CORS station close enough.

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Hi @louis.cossart,

Are you using the Merge Project option in PIX4Dmatic?

You can use shared Manual Tie Points (MTPs) or Ground Control Points (GCPs) to align the two projects.

You can find more information here:

Otherwise, you can use the Project Registration option in PIX4Dsurvey. You don’t need tie points for automatic registration. If this does not work, you can always use the manual registration.
More information here:


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I managed to correctly merge the meshs by adding MTP on pictures from the first mesh and from the 2nd mesh. Thank you very much everybody !