Mavic2 Enterprise Zoom camera support

Mavic2 Enterpris Zoom
There is no camera support. Is there no way to make that camera supported?
Looking at other cases, it seems that it is possible to add an XML file, but please check if it is correct.

Mavic 2 Enterprise FC2220_4.4_4000x3000.xml (919 Bytes)

Find attached the XML. We are needing a dataset to support this camera.
A good dataset with the following properties is required:

  • Enough images (100 - 300 images).
  • Non planar scene (not all objects having the same height)
  • High overlap and rich texture.
  • Several grid flights (at different heights) OR oblique imagery with sufficient overlap.
  • If possible, with GCPs.

If you as a reseller could get one, would appreciate it. Best